Montréal’s 11th City Hall Championship Poser Game - Winner 2010 : Antoine Asselin !!!!!


2010 - Antoine Asselin
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2005 - Steve Cantin
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Bijoux Marsan - Poser Game sponsor

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The Montréal Annual City Hall Championship Poser Game is an underground event, Since it started in 2000, there have always been complications, such as getting kicked out before the game could be finished. Intolerance has forced us to hold the event in different places over the years, but that’s what makes the event magic. Despite complications, the game has adapted to the streets, triumphing in the face of intolerance and the laws that exist only to shut the game down. To celebrate the skate community coming together every year for the Poser Game, last year MQC bronzed the original trophy, and had the names of its previous champions engraved for the game’s 10th year anniversary.

This year, Montréal’s 11th City Hall Championship Poser Game expanded its prestige once more. Not only was there the lot of cash, champagne, and the trophy to win, but courtesy of Bijoux Marsan, located on Saint-Catherine Street, there was a really nice real diamond watch for the champion.

Montreal's 11th Annual City Hall Championship Poser Game Trophy

Montreal's 11th Annual City Hall Championship Poser Game Flyer
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Montreal's 11th City Hall Poser Game after party at Blue Dog
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Jess McIntyre
After 11 years, the contest hasn’t changed but every year is refreshingly different. For the first time ever this year the game was postponed for a week due to hail, thunder, and lighting. The weather didn’t improve much by the following week, but we pressed on with the game plan. On time Gab Ekoe picked up the bench and keg at MQC headquarters, but while en route Jess McIntyre noticed we had forgotten the keg pump.

Our forgetfulness caused us to be casually late. When we arrived skaters were already skating the hockey nets in the rink. They were all pretty eager to get the game going and the pump flowing. The uncertainty of rain that day that gave off a ‘calm before storm’ sensation that heightened energy in the air.

Net and Bench Bernard Mailhot

Before the game got started Bernard Mailhot the first to organized the game in 2000 showed up. He hadn’t been present in years, but when he saw the new trophy, with all the names it’s been passed onto, he was super stoked. Michelle and Lily

Some other heads that there watching were; Andrew McGraw, Seky, the Temple crew, Dime Store crew, and more.  It felt a lot like a family reunion. Adding to that family atmosphere was Michelle and her little one Lily, who was playfully running around.

Registration At a quarter to ten, registration was done, and moments after Big James started hosting the event, with Lucas Wisenthal at his side judging the fireworks started. Then about two tricks into the game, Mike Fyfe showed up more casually late than us. He really wanted to enter the game, placing second last year, but there wasn’t anything we could do except offers him some free beer from the keg of beer Exposé Magazine hooked up.

Halfway through the game while fireworks were popping off everyone started praying it wouldn’t start to dump as a few drops fell out of the humidity, that which prompted Gab Ekoe to wipe the bench down with a cloth at one point. Fortunately the ground never got fully wet and dried within minutes.

Kyle Bs 180 nose grind Antoine back nose grind

Eric Lebeau filmed the event for the Island Street Chaud, catching all skating leading up to the results. The final four skaters remaining were Nate Oliver, Kyle Macdonald, J-S Lapierre, and Antoine Asselin. In the end it came down to J-S and Antoine and Antoine ended up taken the championship with the same trick as last year, a switch front blunt.

Bernard handed the trophy to Antoine, now the first skater to win the trophy 3 years consecutively. The highlight of the night was the brief rainfall and the grand finale of the fireworks that began simultaneously moments after Antoine got confetti-ed and received his prizes including the exclusive watch from Bijoux Marsan. Antoine was so hyped on the watch, he kept telling me the time afterwards.

Spray Antoine Asselin - winner Antoine Asselin - Bijoux Marsan - watch

When everything was said and done people headed to the After Party at The Blue Dog Motel. There people from the event where treated with booth and some bottles. No video cameras were rolling for the party, but Frenchie had his camera going. Blue Dog is by far one of the freshest places to chill in the city. It’s skater friendly, got hot ladies, great staff, like Wes Bolduc, Dan Bissonnette and Richy the protector, all with a laid back atmosphere. Writing about this perfect night just got me excited for next year. Thanks to everyone who was involved in keep this tradition going.

Blue Dog Booth Blue Dog Party

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