Montréal’s 11th City Hall Championship Poser Game - Winner 2010 : Antoine Asselin !!!!!


2010 - Antoine Asselin
2009 - Antoine Asselin
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2005 - Steve Cantin
2004 - Grant Patterson
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2002 - Gab Ekoe
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-- 2009 --

Montréal’s 10th City Hall Championship was epic. The night was blessed with success, with a great turn out, perfect weather, a Keg of beer supplied by Exposé Magazine, 33mag reporting on the game, girls in the crowd, fireworks, and a new winner.

Antoine Asselin won the Poser Game with a switch fronside blunt, letting him take trophy, cash, champagne, and all the fame. He is now the third person to win the trophy twice, and the second skater to win it consecutively. His name will be inscribed and added to the back of the trophy along side his name from 2009. Big James hosted the night, doing a great job as always, with Lucas as the assisting judge.

MQC gives big thanks to all the people who came out to the game, and to those who supported it but couldn't make it out. A more detailed coverage of the night is in the making along with a video.

Montreal's 10th City Hall Poser Game Championship flyer
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Montreal's 10th City Hall Poser Game After party at Blue Dog
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Montreal's 10th City Hall Poser Game Trophy

Dave Prevost Keg In Barrel Montreal Fireworks Spectators

Antoine Asselin - Sw Fs Blunt by Dan Mathieu Antoine Assselin - 2009 Winner by Dan Mathieu Antoine & Gab

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