Montréal’s 11th City Hall Championship Poser Game - Winner 2010 : Antoine Asselin !!!!!


2010 - Antoine Asselin
2009 - Antoine Asselin
2008 - Antoine Asselin
2007 - Phil Knechtel
2006 - Phil Knechtel
2005 - Steve Cantin
2004 - Grant Patterson
2003 - Steve Cantin
2002 - Gab Ekoe
2001 - Étienne Tanguay
2000 - JP Brodeur

MQC represents Montreal True Love

Bijoux Marsan - Poser Game sponsor

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-- 2006 --

In 2006 MQC again held the 7th Poser Game at the Veterans Park. ‘Out of the Blue’, that year Dave Bouthillier pulled a keg of Labatt off the back of another delivery truck for event. The game was off to a great start, but then some hockey-tempered jock hockey players who didn't want to share the park with us gave us problems, uttering racist comments, and called then police. The cops showed up and found the keg of beer. Even though they gave one-person a ticket for drinking in public, they let us keep the keg and finish the game.
        Everything worked out in the end, everyone skated, got drunk, and celebrated with the new City Hall Poser Game Champion for 2006, Phil Knechtel (who unfortunately didn’t receive the trophy because Steve, our previous champion, had lost it). The trophy was almost lost forever. However, Oliviero, like magic tracked down the whereabouts of the trophy at a girl’s house, saving the heart of the game.

City Hall Championship #7 - Poser Game Flyer 2006
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