Montrťalís 11th City Hall Championship Poser Game - Winner 2010 : Antoine Asselin !!!!!


2010 - Antoine Asselin
2009 - Antoine Asselin
2008 - Antoine Asselin
2007 - Phil Knechtel
2006 - Phil Knechtel
2005 - Steve Cantin
2004 - Grant Patterson
2003 - Steve Cantin
2002 - Gab Ekoe
2001 - Étienne Tanguay
2000 - JP Brodeur

MQC represents Montreal True Love

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-- 2004 --

The year 2004 was the 5th year anniversary of the annual City Hall Poser Game Championship. It was  banging, there was free beer, tons of peeps, dope skating, a new trophy winner, and lots of love. Walking with Glencoe Hogle, Dave Bouthillier again happened to find a beer truck that could be opened. After he pulled the barrel off the truck, Glenco helped push, wobble, and roll the 50 liters away, which accounted for the free beer at the event that took place at the Veterans Park.

poser game flyer 2004
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            There were heads in town on tour that year. At least 50 people showed up, including Montréal’s locals like Tyler Mayer and Nataniel Bélanger, and Peace Park locals J-P Brodeur (2000), Etienne Tanguay (2001), and Gab Ekoe (2002). Having the presence of guests like Ryan Oughtom and Grant Patterson from Vancouver, Alex Degrace from New Brunswick, and Paul Carter from England had a great impact on the game. With Big James hosting the night, everything was pretty much taken care of after James Bouthillier, fixed the Bronco (Keg) Pump...

            Yens Grenier and Glencoe were the last two skaters to became Posers after Grant nollie-nose-grinded his way to victory for 2004. He received a confetti shower for being the first skater outside of MTL to win the Poser Game.

Grant Patterson - Winner 2004
Grant Patterson - Winner 2004

Article on Poser Game - Exposť 2004 - p.40 Article on Poser Game - Exposť 2004 - p.41
Article from Exposť Magazine 2004 - p.40/41, click to enlarge