Montréal’s 11th City Hall Championship Poser Game - Winner 2010 : Antoine Asselin !!!!!


2010 - Antoine Asselin
2009 - Antoine Asselin
2008 - Antoine Asselin
2007 - Phil Knechtel
2006 - Phil Knechtel
2005 - Steve Cantin
2004 - Grant Patterson
2003 - Steve Cantin
2002 - Gab Ekoe
2001 - Étienne Tanguay
2000 - JP Brodeur

MQC represents Montreal True Love

Bijoux Marsan - Poser Game sponsor

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-- 2002 --

L ate into the fall season of 2002, Dave "Boots" Bouthillier hadn’t heard about any promo for the third Poser Game. So he checked with Bernard, and found out he wasn’t planning on holding the event since he hadn’t been skating much that year. Feeling the game was a tradition that needed to be kept alive, Dave asked if he could organize the game.

            With a lack of preparation, MQC held the event at City Hall. Guards did show up to kick us out, but with fewer heads than the previous years (due to the cold and the short notice), but the competition was tuff. The game finished with Gab Ekoe snatching up the trophy with enough cash for a night. The most important thing, however, was that the game was held.

poser game flyer 2002
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gab ecko - winner poser game 2002 Winner Gab Ekoe / photo: Dan Mathieu