Montréal’s 11th City Hall Championship Poser Game - Winner 2010 : Antoine Asselin !!!!!


2010 - Antoine Asselin
2009 - Antoine Asselin
2008 - Antoine Asselin
2007 - Phil Knechtel
2006 - Phil Knechtel
2005 - Steve Cantin
2004 - Grant Patterson
2003 - Steve Cantin
2002 - Gab Ekoe
2001 - Étienne Tanguay
2000 - JP Brodeur

MQC represents Montreal True Love

Bijoux Marsan - Poser Game sponsor

EXPOSE skateboard magazine   island productions

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The concept of a Poser Game is simple. The entry fee is 5 dollars, and the first skater to enroll gets to propose the first trick of the game on the designated bench. If he misses the trick he attempted, then it becomes the turn of the next skater in the list of enrollment to propose a trick. Once a proposed trick is landed, then all the contestants get one attempt to execute the same trick. Whoever doesn’t land the trick receives a letter, starting with the letter ‘P’, and if they were successful in performing the proposed trick, they receive no letters. After every skater tries to land the proposed trick, the same skater continues to propose until he misses his proposed trick. When this happens it’s the turn of the next skater in the list to propose a trick..

As the game continues, skaters receive a letter for each unsuccessful attempt at landing a proposed trick, until they spell the word POSER, at which point they are out of the game. Those that are unable to land their proposed trick do not receive a letter for their failed attempt. This process continues until only one skateboarder remains who hasn’t collected enough letters to spell the word POSER, and this person is deemed the champion of the game. The winner claims all the entry fees and a trophy with their name engraved on it, a prize which is passed on to the new winner every year.

poser game rules