MQC takes a proactive approach to the promotion of Montreal’s urban culture and is a recognized leader in the Montreal skateboard community. We were the driving force behind the legalization of skateboarding at Peace Park and have been involved in the efforts to legalize skateboarding on bike paths and other public places.

We believe in giving back to the community. We’ve worked with educational institutions, community organizations and non-profit organizations to promote skateboarding in Montreal, offered free skateboard lessons to at-risk youth and raised awareness about the issues that skateboarders face. In partnership with the Société des Arts Technologiques, the borough of Ville Marie and the Quartier des Spectacles, MQC continues to improve the conditions for skateboarders in the city by organizing Skateboard Montreal, a legal, annual rollout, complete with a police escort, and hosts skateboard events with local musical performances every summer, all summer long.

MQC started as a skateboard and graffiti crew in 1995, and its involvement in the promotion of urban culture began in 2002 with the organization of Breakdown, a hip-hop show that helped unify Montreal’s skateboard and hip-hop communities. That same year we organized the Montreal City Hall Poser Game, which has become an annual event. Since then we made a documentary film titled Peace Park, which has been shown in multiple cities around the world and not only highlighted some of the struggles skateboarders deal with. The movie also shows skateboarding as a positive force which has helped influence other metropolitan cities to change in their perception of skateboarding.